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Date: Early 2021

Venue: TBC

Dance Medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine that deals with the health problems encountered by professional and recreational dancers.

On the stage the choreography often seems effortless, but it is without contention that dancers need tremendous athletic strength, agility and balance to complete their repertoire. We believe that “Science Strengthens the Art” and that dedicated research can improve dancers' overall physical capability and prevent dance-related injuries.

Dance-related injuries have been traditionally overlooked and undertreated. In recent years, an increased emphasis on safe dancing has gained some traction with the formation of dedicated groups such as the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) that aim to promote healthy dancing via scientific research and educational activities.

Locally, the development of Dance Medicine is still in its infancy. CUHK, together with the HK Association of Dance Medicine and Science (HKADMS), has established a dedicated Dance Research Clinic since 2019. A multi-centre investigation on dance-injury epidemiology led by HK Polytechnic University has collected data from >1000 subjects.

The chief objective of this 3-day research summit is to build a platform to exchange ideas and develop a basis for collaboration in the future.

The main themes will be:

·         Strategies for promoting Dance Medicine

·         Screening and Assessment Tools for Dancers

The small group workshops are positioned to be a close affair with the aim of fostering meaningful network opportunities for dance researchers. We anticipate that our international speakers will provide guidance and share their experience and strategy on setting up dance clinics, research projects and community programs to promote Dance Medicine. Our local speakers will also have the chance to present their research work with the aim of establishing a high-level academic exchange with the internationally renowned scholars.

The public lectures will be open to local dance teachers and dancers. It will be a series of talks by our invited faculty with the aim of raising awareness towards dance injuries and their prevention strategies.

Organizing Team:


Prof Patrick Yung (CUHK) / Dr Samuel Ling (CUHK)



  • Daniel Fong (Lboro, UK)

  • Henry Lam (HK Disneyland)

  • Arnold Wong (PolyU)

  • Anna Chan (HKAPA)

  • Stacey Yeung (CUHK)

71b8509e-f032-4755-af3e-88dfe7790d2e 2.J
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