Foot and Ankle Injuries in Ballet, Contemporary and Chinese dancers|芭蕾舞 | 現代舞 | 中國舞:足踝傷患找不同

While foot and ankle injuries are the most common dance injuries, dancers of different dance genres often vary in their ways of utilizing the foot and ankle region and may therefore reveal different injury patterns. In this webinar, Dr Jojo Lai from the Hospital Authority and Hong Kong Association of Dance Medicine and Science and Dr Samuel Ling (CUHK Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Honorary Associate Consultant / Head of Foot & Ankle Team at Prince of Wales Hospital) share the research findings as well as related knowledge of dance medicine.

在舞蹈傷患中,足踝受傷是最常見的,但舞者受傷的模式會否因應舞種而有所不同呢?演藝學院早前與中文大學舞蹈醫學研究診所合作,就此題目作深入研究,希望能了解並減低相關的舞蹈創傷。黎海晴醫生(醫管局及香港舞蹈醫學及科學學會)及凌家健醫生(中文大學矯形外科及創傷學系助理教授/威爾斯親王醫院足踝外科主任及名譽副顧問) 於此研討會中,深入淺出地分享研究結果和舞蹈醫學的知識。

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