Hong Kong Breaking Team for 2024 Paris Olympics

Author: Dr. Henry Pang - Doctor

Break dancing in Olympics

Breaking has been confirmed as one of the new sports in 2024 Paris Olympics last year. As soon as it reached the news, preparatory work has been started worldwide to select their best of the best to compete in the upcoming battles. In Hong Kong, Under the Lion’s Rock has started their qualifier matches since April to find who is the best break dancer in this city.

Hong Kong Olympic Breaking Team

The Hong Kong Olympics Breaking Team will be selected from three qualifying matches and a final match. Break dancers can select two best scores out of their three qualifying matches, and six break dancers with highest scores will selected to the Hong Kong team.

There are different divisions in the matches, including above 18, 14-17, below 14 in both gender. The next matches will be held on July, September and December respectively.

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