Ankle sprains might be worse than you think 拗柴的後果可能比你想像中嚴重

Updated: Mar 24

Author: Dr. Samuel Ling - Orthopaedic Surgeon

作者:凌家健醫生 - 骨科醫生

Translation: Stacey Yeung - Dance Science Researcher

中文翻譯:楊子慧 - 舞蹈科學研究員

Ankle injuries are extremely common with >90% dancers claiming to have sustained an ankle sprain before. However, the problem is, half of the dancers ignored the injury and carried on dancing. >1/3 actually go on to develop chronic ankle instability; characterized by repeated sprains, giving way, chronic pain, and swelling. Additionally, torn outer ankle ligaments lead to destabilization of the joint, but can have good results following proper care.

For background context; the ankle (in contrast to the knee and hips) should be very resilient against arthritis and degeneration. This is reflected by the (mostly middle-aged) ankle osteoarthritis patients we see in the clinic, they often have a common medical history: a previously neglected ankle injury.

Treatment of ankle osteoarthritis is much more complex than the treatment of an ankle ligament tear, while end-stage arthritis often needs a metallic ankle replacement or surgical fusion of the entire joint. In contrast, acute ligament injuries often only need a short period of rest and protection followed by focused training to regain range-of-motion and strength.

Last but not least, a few weeks of proper treatment now may prevent years of trouble later.





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