Silver Ballet 銀髮芭蕾

Updated: May 21

Silver Ballet EP1 Warm Up 銀髮芭蕾 第一集 熱身篇

Silver Ballet 銀髮芭蕾 EP2 Barre Work 第二集 把捍動作篇

Silver Ballet 銀髮芭蕾 EP3 Centre Work 第三集 中間動作篇

Silver Ballet 銀髮芭蕾 EP4 Dance Combination: Swan Lake 第四集 舞蹈組合:〈天鵝湖〉篇

Silver Ballet 銀髮芭蕾 EP5 Dance Combination: Waltz of the Flowers 第五集 舞蹈組合:〈花之圓舞曲〉篇

CUHK Dance Medicine teamed up with Hong Kong Ballet to create a series of free virtual ballet workshops designed for seniors.

Ballet classes can improve the quality of life for senior citizens in a number of ways, including improved physical fitness and increased mental stimulation.

Participants will progress from gentle warm up exercises to sequences from Swan Lake and The Nutcracker in the comfort of their own homes.


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