So, You've Injured Your Ankle. Here Are 3 Signs You Should Get It Checked ​你的腳踝受傷了。這是提示你應該去檢查的3個警號

Updated: Mar 24

Author: Dr. Samuel Ling - Orthopaedic Surgeon

作者:凌家健醫生 - 骨科醫生

Translation: Stacey Yeung - Dance Science Researcher

​中文翻譯:楊子慧 - 舞蹈研究員

Ankle injuries in dance are extremely common, but not all are created equal. When can you simply R.I.C.E.? And when do you need to seek professional advice?

You don't want to miss a potentially severe injury such as a fractured bone. Here are three warning signs that you should see an expert:

1. You can't dance (or walk) without pain. After you rolled your ankle, can you continue dancing? If you can't even bear weight or walk for a few steps, it's a sign of something serious.

2. You feel sharp pain in one spot. Do a quick test by palpating the ankle's bony landmarks. If there is localized pain along the medial or lateral malleolus (the bony protuberances just above your heel) or tenderness over the navicular bone (on the inner, top part of your foot near the ankle) or fifth metatarsal (on the outer edge of your foot) it means that you need to see a doctor, who will likely prescribe further imaging such as X-rays.

3. You still hurt seriously after about a week. Even if you can walk and there isn't localized tenderness, seek help if the pain persists for more than one to two weeks.

在舞蹈中,腳踝受傷極為普遍,但不同的傷患成因各異。您什麼時候可以進行簡單的R.I.C.E. (休息、冰敷、加壓、抬高)?什麼時候需要尋求專業建議?


1. 您不能在沒有痛楚的情況下跳舞(或走路)


2. 您在一小處感到劇烈的疼痛


3. 大約一週後,您仍然感到嚴重的痛楚


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